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My name is Diana and I am the owner and founder of Pristine Wigs.

I have been wearing wigs religiously for the last 4 years. In the very beginning of my journey I was completely lost. The wigs I did find in stores were too “wiggy” and bulky, the cap wasn’t sitting right and I was constantly pulling the wig down to keep it from sliding off my head. I couldn’t wait to get it off the moment I was home. This was when I decided to expand my research and explore the wonderful world of wigs. I have worked in the beauty industry for years with coloring, cutting and styling so this felt like it was the perfect fit. 

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 Services Offered

If you would like to add a service to your order please make sure you email us at pristinewigs@gmail.com after you have made your purchase. Make sure you include how you would like your wig styled or cut in the email as well as any other details that may be needed.

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